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‘Slumber Party Barbie’ Diet Book From 1965 Offers Troubling Weight Loss Advice

Many fad diets are based on ridiculous premises: eat lots of cabbage!; inject yourself with hormones produced by pregnant women!staple your ears!

Now, courtesy of a 1965-era Barbie, comes another outlandish idea to help keep the pounds off: starvation. We’ve always known Mattel’s iconic Barbie doll may not be the most healthful source for advice on keeping a trim figure, but the “Slumber Party Barbie,” produced in the mid-1960s, really takes the cake.

Among the doll’s accessories are a small plastic scale permanently set to 110 lbs., and a diet book titled “How To Lose Weight,” because who doesn’t go to a sleepover without their diet book?

The diet book’s only advice“DON’T EAT!”

According to the Daily Mail, Mattel dropped the scale from Slumber Party Barbies produced the next year, but the diet book — and its terrible advice — lingered on until at least 1967.


Please Note: 

This article is not mine (hope that was obvious.) The original article can be found here. I truly hope that the body positive movement continues to spread and eventually hits the mainstream. It scares me to death that one day something like this could be a source of influence for my potential daughter.


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