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So, I’ve gotten a lot of search engine traffic on my Toledo Hoes Exposed article I posted yesterday. By which I mean, a ridiculous amount of traffic that all specifically comes from Google searching some variation of the Facebook page. I can only wager to guess that the majority of these people have happened upon my site by mistake due an intense desire to gawk at half naked women being raped visually against their will by the public. Since I’m plugging this article with as many relevant tags as possible, I imagine that it will have much of the same result. ; ) As such, I have a few things to say to you “people.”

Let’s cut through the fat and get down to the basics, shall we? Firstly, while I am ignorant to the legality of the issue, I am completely certain that the actions of the Toledo Hoes page are morally reprehensible. The women featured did not pose intentionally for the group, nor did they sign a waver, or give special permission for their image to be shared on the internet. These young and older ladies, are undoubtedly being violated in a way that is disgusting beyond the realm of a joke. Furthermore, I spotted a few postings in which these “hoes” hardly looked of age. So, good luck with that when you have to present paperwork proving the images you’re sharing with the public are not that of underage girls. Child Pornography is taken very seriously, and distribution is far worse than possession. :]

Now, to those who choose to comment on these innocent women insulting their bodies, weight, and morality. What a woman does with a camera and lingerie is none of your business, kay? Beyond that, who are you to judge the virtue of a girl you’ve never met? Sexuality is not sinful, you just make it so with your prudish ideals. Although, I’ve seen the pages of some of you, and you’re fairly risque yourselves. So, what did you say again, Pot? The majority of you are childish, illiterate, uneducated heathens. You think you’re so high and mighty calling another woman sexually derogatory terms; Yet, in this day and age, who hasn’t taken a naked photo, sext’d, cam’d, or made a sex video? How would you feel if you sent someone you thought you could trust a questionable photo, and it ended up on this page for the world to not only see, but criticize? This is no different. These women are not whores or prostitutes. The photographs you so happily demean are those of naive women who were either tricked, or have very poor judgement of character. You’re only soothing your own conscience by believing otherwise.

Finally, if you are one of these individuals that I’ve mentioned mistakenly coming to my website searching for this violation under the guise of being a Facebook profile, then I would strongly urge you to reconsider. It’s all shits and giggles until one day you see a post featuring your mother, sister, cousin, daughter, or niece. You live with knowing damn-well Facebook will never take that down, and how every man in the world with internet access is visually assaulting your loved one. Not to mention the hoards of catty women picking her apart, shredding her self-confidence into nothing more than a pile of spewed hate and depression.

Think twice, take a step back, and stand up with something other than your dick, boys!

Ladies, you should know better.

(You may share my article to make the public aware of this isse. However, I ask that you credit me and link back to this post. Thanks!) 


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I would like to ask that everyone report this page for the disgusting injustice it is! It claims to be “exposing hoes” as in prostitutes; however, it’s more like they’re taking private pictures meant for very specific eyes, and posting them to Facebook in the most vomit inducing manner of slut-shaming. If you’re easily enraged, like myself, I discourage you from looking further than the report button. It’s just not worth your sanity to read every single childish comment. Sickening! Just fucking sickening!

Toledo Hoe’s Exposed (Click HERE)

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