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That’s right, because good parenting is teaching your son that women are purely sexual objects that can be bought. I am a Sex Positive Feminist, so this has nothing to do with strippers or sex workers. I respect, as well as understand the plight of the women who work in the industry. So, it’s not the career choice that bothers me, it’s the chauvinistic ideal set hammered into men and young boys that sex workers are not people. It’s not my intention to judge or damn a woman who performs sexual acts for money. It is, however, my mission to ensure that everyone is treated with the basic human decency they deserve. When you take the empathy for humanity out of a person based on anything, you’re teaching your children a very, very, very dangerous mind set. I mean, you can throw a plastic toy against the wall. Why? Because it’s plastic, and it doesn’t have feelings. You can slice a hooker from nape to navel. Why? Because she’s just a hooker, and she isn’t human. Do you see how this could go badly?


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