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I just returned home from my wonderful beach vacation with Zachary. I haven’t been blind to the posts clogging my news feed as of recent. I simply decided not to comment for the sake of a little peace by the ocean.

With my initial comment, I’m finally ready to address what happened in Newtown, Connecticut.

Firstly, I am in a sickened state after reading all those of you who’ve used this tragedy to push your own political agendas. While I understand the need to be proactive, and the fear of history repeating it’s self, I also know that this nation needs time to digest what has occurred.

We as a country must grieve the deeply troubling loss of these future presidents, doctors, teachers, builders, inventors, and healers. There are no words to describe the agony we must feel as a society to live in a time where children die not to disease or nature, but a fellow human.

There will be a time for debate and improvements wherever they should or shouldn’t be; however, this is not that time. Sit for a moment in quiet reflection and for once shut your mouths and listen to the tears inside all of our hearts.

Do not trivialize their murders by using them as the final points in a debate that’s been going on for decades. Their families deserve more than that. Their memory deserves more than that.


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