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No, then an already troubled relationship was met with a temptation that it never really had the strength to resist anyway. Your significant other, instead of ending your weakened bond as he should have prior to said temptation, decided to be unfaithful. This ‘slut’ was probably innocently unaware, and even if she wasn’t, her sexual activities are none of your business. Either other way, you should be thankful that she came along. Lest you spend the rest of your life with an adulterous suitor who obviously doesn’t love you. 🙂

Ignorance is not bliss, ladies. If you’re of this opinion: how about we stop blaming the other woman, and take a long hard look at our man.


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Tumblr can be a dangerous place if you stumble upon the wrong person’s blog. I saw this adorable outfit on this chubby girl who is a few sizes larger than me. So, I look in the comments to see if anyone has asked where it came from. It was there that I found this reblog from this young ‘lady’ who said “This is the size I see myself as most days.” Now, I’m not all about getting young women on Tumblr lynched with negative feedback. As such, for the sake of anonymity, I’m not going to post the picture or the page of this woman. I digress, though! Let’s continue with the story: So, I visit her page out of curiosity to see if I can analyze the situation and figure out what exactly she meant by that.

People, it was a horror story over there! Pro-Anorexia images, self-hate captions, and a spray bottle stock photo that has the words “Kills Whores” on it! It was probably one of the most disgusting sites I’ve seen since the whole “Holmies” fad broke out on Facebook. There was such negativity that I honestly just had to click off the page.

I don’t understand why people, especially young women, have to hate so much! We are all beautiful, wonderful, fascinating individuals of this Earth! Why is that not enough? Why do you have to knock down a gorgeous plus sized woman in favor of feeling better about your own insecurities? What has a ‘whore’ done to you to deserve to be killed via a spray bottle like a cockroach?

I  J u s t  D o n ‘ t  G e t  I t.

I’ve made it my personal mission to search for the tag “Anorexia” and send those bloggers anonymous comments telling them how truly astounding they are, and commenting on all the positive traits I see of them via Tumblr. Maybe it will make a difference? If not, at least I tried.

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