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I’ve read that Google cache versions of the site are available. However, I’ve been unable to find anyone to spoon feed it to me. So, I did a little research and found them myself.


Here’s What I’ve Found:

Excerpts From Various Articles: 

“But instead, EAPs are taught to always think extremely highly of themselves.  Following from the first point, when any man shows interest in her, the EAP will later tell her friends how gross and creepy she felt that this guy was coming on to her.  She feels this way because she honestly believes that the only guy worthy of even thinking of dating her is the one perfect man God has for her.  Since the guy who came on to her was imperfect, she was extremely offended:  Didn’t he know how great she is?  Didn’t he know how far out of his league she was?”

“The slut vote is of course crucially important to liberal politicians, as well as to the so-called “So-Con” politicians who are in fact the religious vanguard of the feminine imperative.  Obama’s play for the slut vote is transparent.”

“Consider the legitimate political rape of one Todd Akin, Republican candidate for US Senate from Missouri.  Akin made the factually accurate statement that it is very difficult biologically for a female to get pregnant as a result of rape, because the female body has ways of protecting itself.  However, he made the mistake of using the (again factually correct) term “legitimate rape” to describe forcible rape.”

“The obvious point being that one of the popular ways for sluts to get cash, prizes, and empathy is to engage in consensual sex with many guys, and then accuse men of raping them.  This is especially popular if the town slut ends up pregnant, and now has to engage in hamsterbatics to protect her reputation. ”

“Here  you need understand your first bit of female psychology.  Women often have a wee little furry rationalization hamster in their heads.  In the face of facts, truth, reason, or logic that point to the woman’s guilt, her little rationalization hamster will get in its hamster wheel and run as fast as it can away from reality.  But it will never get anywhere.  It’s stuck in a hamster wheel.  So she will only go in circles.”

  • In order to view more articles on the site for yourself, simply copy paste into your web browser, and put the URL of the article you wish to view after the colon.

My Thoughts: 

Honestly, the further I journey into the man’s head, the more apparent it becomes to me that he’s just a cowardice man-child with low self-esteem. From the looks of it, he’s afraid to ask out the Evangelical Princess he mentions so often for fear of being turned down, called gross, or mocked behind his back. Furthermore, he’s been cheated on by his wife which must have made something snap in that little “hamster” brain of HIS. Beyond that, he seems to discredit the feelings, thoughts, and intelligence of the women around him. He even went as far to say that his wife didn’t cheat on him because she wasn’t “haaaappy” but because she’d convinced herself that she wasn’t content within their marriage after the fact. He seems to rationalize everything he does through Christianity, not realizing that it’s truly his own faults, not those of women.

Or, he showed his penis to a girl frome church and she told the entire congregation of his less than impressive manhood. After all, what secure man is so afraid of gossip?

What are your conclusions?


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