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The deadline to register to vote for South Carolina (my home state) is today! To register, go to the site below and click “Register to Vote by October 6th – Online Registration Now Available!”. You can do everything online, and they’ll mail you your registration card! Make sure you’re prepared!

Click HERE to register online.

Also, this month is Break The Silence on Domestic Violence month (or Domestic Violence Awareness Month)! To take a stand against domestic violence, like this page on Facebook, and donate if you’re able. If you don’t have money to spare, you can always take a stand by educating others on domestic violence, and sharing resources with the public on your own social media account. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and perhaps someone you know is suffering in silence.


Resources Here:

Domestic Violence Information/Hotlines/Resources

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Resource Center

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Various Internet Resources


Side Note: I apologize for not posting for a few days. I recently accepted a job offer, and things have been hectic. Not to mention the difficulties of having a parent battling cancer, dealing with college, and maintaining a healthy long-term live in relationship. Oh, and the cats… one mustn’t forget the cats. =^.^= Things should even out soon, and it will be business as usual! Find out what day is your deadline for your own state! And be sure to share that information with your friends and family!



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