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Good Morning, Love Muffins! (Please tell me you get that reference? No, alright… I’m a jackass now.)

I’ve been a little absent lately because life has been absorbing all of my free time. Recently, we found out that my mother is losing her insurance, and apparently gets too much money from Medicare to qualify for Medicare insurance, or Medicaid. So, it’s been a difficult holiday season, and I’ve been physician hopping for my annuals before my insurance expires in December. Aside from that, I somehow wiggled my way into the office of a highly recommended Uro-Gyno in hopes of perhaps finally getting an answer as to why I’m in constant pain. After two years, I’m skeptical… but, hopeful.

We’re all very hopeful during this time, and I think there’s an almost perfect sense of peace in our hearts. I can’t explain why I’m not diving head first into panic mode as I usually do. However, I’m certainly not going to complain.

Among the festivities, I’ve also been registering for classes and working. I was offered a fifteen thousand dollar scholarship to an all women’s liberal arts college in the area. However, I do not have enough credits to transfer yet. As such, I will be returning to the college I attended last year for the sole purpose of maintaining my GPA while earning my credit hours. I have a lot to think about regarding this decision. By the time I earn the required credits, I will be one semester away from graduating with my associates. I just need to figure out if earning my human services degree would be worth the time and money if I will be pursuing a bachelor’s in sociology or psychology. Also, I have to consider my mental health and non-profit fundraising certifications as well. So, there’s a lot going on as of late.

I think that when the holidays are over I will be more present in the ‘now’.Then, we can get back to our regularly scheduled program of ranting and poking conservatives with a stick. 😉

What were you thankful for this Thanksgiving, oh silence audience of mine?


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First Presidential Debate


Vice Presidential Debate


Second Presidential Debate


All are full length videos! 🙂

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