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‘Slumber Party Barbie’ Diet Book From 1965 Offers Troubling Weight Loss Advice

Many fad diets are based on ridiculous premises: eat lots of cabbage!; inject yourself with hormones produced by pregnant women!staple your ears!

Now, courtesy of a 1965-era Barbie, comes another outlandish idea to help keep the pounds off: starvation. We’ve always known Mattel’s iconic Barbie doll may not be the most healthful source for advice on keeping a trim figure, but the “Slumber Party Barbie,” produced in the mid-1960s, really takes the cake.

Among the doll’s accessories are a small plastic scale permanently set to 110 lbs., and a diet book titled “How To Lose Weight,” because who doesn’t go to a sleepover without their diet book?

The diet book’s only advice“DON’T EAT!”

According to the Daily Mail, Mattel dropped the scale from Slumber Party Barbies produced the next year, but the diet book — and its terrible advice — lingered on until at least 1967.


Please Note: 

This article is not mine (hope that was obvious.) The original article can be found here. I truly hope that the body positive movement continues to spread and eventually hits the mainstream. It scares me to death that one day something like this could be a source of influence for my potential daughter.

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Let’s begin this article with the universal truth that the majority of pro-life (pro-birth) organizations are psychotic, and that’s putting it respectfully. Now, in any basket of rotten eggs there’s always a few that are far smellier than the rest. Beyond that, there’s that single putrid chicken fetus that’s been shat on, eaten, converted into waste, and expelled into a pile of maggots and vomit. That egg is Nebraska’s Right to Life.

Now, I am incredibly tolerant of people whose beliefs may oppose my own.  I may not agree with your point of view, but I will never attempt to silence you or strip away your rights because of it. Equally, where I start to get a little bitchy is when you’re not showing me the same level of human dignity and respect.

Nebraska’s Right to Life according to this article, is doing just that. The organization is attempting to pass a law that would require women not only to see the face of the fetus they’re carrying, but also have photos of the fetus posted on Nebraska’s official state website. Furthermore, the ultrasound would be carried out not by a trained ultrasound tech, but someone with the training that’s at least the equivalent of a registered nurse. As the daughter of an RN, I can tell you personally that they do not have the knowledge to perform, nor read an ultrasound. Why? Because they’re nurses. There’s some knowledge that’s universal, but imaging just is not one of them.

This seems to me nothing short of bullying. What Nebraska’s Right to Life is proposing is not for the benefit nor the education of expected mothers, it’s for pushing their own agenda through public shaming. This is a technique usually reserved for criminals, not women taking advantage of their rights as American citizens.

I honestly feel as though these people belong to the type of organizations that post billboards luring in scared pregnant teens. They promise them assistance and understanding, and trap or guilt them into birthing children they cannot care for mentally nor financially. I’m not saying they do this specifically. I just get that same dirty vibe. Ya dig?

Jill June Responded:

Jill June, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, said women should have all the information they need to decide whether to have abortions.

“Such information should support a woman, help her make the best decision for herself, her family and her circumstances, and enable her to take care of her health and well-being. Information should not be provided with the intent of shaming, coercing or making a woman change her mind,” she said.

“The recent elections imparted a strong and clear message that all legislators should heed: Women’s health matters. It is not the people of Nebraska who are driving legislation that harms women’s health. Rather, it is extreme special interest groups wanting to outlaw access to safe and legal abortion,” June said. “The bottom line is that a woman, not politicians, should make informed decisions when it comes to her own pregnancy.”

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He’s on a strict prescription diet indefinitely, and I have to somehow manage to give him half a pill a day for the next seven days. Our Echo is not to pleased with his new scent. She went off on a sniff hiss rampage until we moved him into the kitty room. He’s being incredibly sweet, and it’s almost as though he realizes how much we’ve sacrificed by being less aloof. We’re really excited that things turned out well and he’s healthy!

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Yesterday was an interesting day in the Compton-Chastain household.

My boyfriend and I have two surrogate children in the form of  a six year old tri-color calico named Echo, and a four year old tabby/siamese mix named Jareth. They’re both rescues, and even though I adopted them long before my significant other and I began dating, they’re definitely ‘our’ babies.

Well, actually… the boyfriend is Jareth’s stepparent as my lesbian and I adopted him together years ago.

A little complicated?

Here’s a flow chart: 

What can I say? We’re cat people, and as such we’re entitled to a certain level of psychotic. XD (Note: The flow chart has nothing to do with the story. I just really wanted to make a flow chart.)

Anyway, as I was beginning my morning yesterday I noticed Jareth squatting above the floor mat at the entrance of our bed room. I thought he was trying to relieve himself in a very naughty place. So, I ran over screaming and shooing him into the cat room where their litter box is located. It was then that I noticed him squatting again, and the little splatter of blood on the linoleum. Difficulty voiding with little to no results?  That definitely sounded like an urinary tract infection. Though, the blood scared me into believing that it had spread to his kidneys. With no appointments available at the veterinary clinic we had to settle for a walk-in. Which, should really be called a wait-in.

I returned home from the vet’s office at five-ish (I left a little before three) and it turned out that Jareth had a blockage in his urethra that caused his bladder to swell. The vet said it was not nearly as bad as it could be; but, that it has the potential to be fatal if not treated immediately. He said it’s from combination of diet and a male cat’s naturally narrow urethra. They’re going to flush his bladder to remove the blockage and then cath him for a few days to stretch his urethra and make sure he’s voiding.

Then, they’ll remove the catheter for 24 hours and keep him under observation for a day to ensure he’s not blocking again. After than he can come home, but on a very strict diet.

The procedure seems to be fairly routine, and we caught it the day it started. He’s maintained a healthy appetite, so the veterinarian doesn’t feel it’s necessary to check his kidney function at this time. If the blockage returns, we have the option of a sex change surgery to remove his penis and thus make his urethra shorter for easier urination. However, we’re not at that point just yet, and I really hope that a new diet will make a huge difference.

Echo has not taken Jareth’s absence well. She spent the better part of yesterday afternoon sniffing around his carrier and pawing at the door. I think she may believe that he’s in there because of his scent. Last night she refused to sleep in their bed that they’ve come to share in the last weeks.

Snuggle Buddies. ^_^

It is truly astonishing just how empty a home can feel with the absence of just one kitty. I truly hope he can come home soon. This apartment just is not the same without his little aloof attitude and need to fuck shit up. : (


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So, my partner and I found this recipe on Youtube for a “Chick-Fil-Gay” sandwich! It’s essentially a copycat recipe for, well… YOU KNOW! We made two sandwiches last night, and they were so delicious, that we’re making more tonight! I’m sure you guys will agree that it’s an excellent alternative! Oh, and did I mention they’re healthier too? :3

Picture of our sandwich; because, I can:

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