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If you voted last time, please vote again

(even if your response hasn’t changed).



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I’ve never really liked Taylor Swift….

I don’t have an issue with country music really as a whole. I just dislike her lyrics and the disgusting message it sends to young girls.

She’s far too fond of exploiting the Madonna-Whore Complex in her songs and videos to make herself seem superior. I’ve been battling the Madonna-Whore Complex for years now, and nothing would please me more than to see it take a permanent dirt nap.

It’s so preposterous to me that we live in such a modern age; yet, our perceptions of female sexuality are so backwards to our advancement. A woman who enjoys sex, experiments, masturbates, or doesn’t feel she needs to be married to have intercourse is not a whore. Furthermore, a virginal woman portrayed as the ideal embodiment of femininity is to say the least, disturbing.

What are we teaching our daughters, nieces, and sisters when we allow them learn from music like this?

The fact that you have a hymen does not make you better than someone who is sexually active. Your choice may be different than mine; but, a female’s value is not determined by her vagina or any other physicality.

Crap like this is okay for the doe-eyed kid we first encountered rambling on about stalking a boy named Drew, or at least something of that nature. Yet, she’s quite close to my age now, and perhaps I’m a little less forgiving. There’s a time to grow up, and I feel it’s Ms. Swift’s turn. You simply cannot live forevermore as the cliché love sick teen working through boy drama and angst in your parents’ basement.


In order to keep anything cultural, logical, or ideological, you have to reinvent the reality of it.
– Ani Difranto

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  • All of these images are courtesy of Evidence of Harm By Religion on Facebook. I only got maybe twenty or thirty photos in, and these are all the ones pertaining to women’s rights and feminism. I highly recommend clicking the link above! There’s far more ignorance to behold, and it ranges from religious intolerance to homophobia.

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So, they were all:

At first, I was all like:

But, then I was all like:

Note: Christian Girl Problems is a satire.


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Personally, I feel that anyone who believes in the equality of genders is a feminist. As such, a woman who states she is not a feminist (does not think men and women are equal) is a masochist in my eyes. Sexuality and femininity have nothing to do with the definition. It is simply that anyone who does not stand up for their own rights is inflicting pain upon themselves willingly.

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You know, my significant other works as a Social Media Community Manager for some rather large brands. With that said, he also works from home. It’s impossible for me not to be exposed to the ins and outs of the business when his office is right down the hall. So, when it comes to the all too holy best practices, I’m begrudgingly well-informed.  After all, it’s difficult to filter out the constant term “metrics” over dinner, night after night. As such, one can only imagine the horror I was faced with upon visiting the Chick-Fil-A Facebook page.

I make no qualms about it. I went over there a few days ago with my war paint on. I fully intended to stand with the opposition, and raise hell!  Well, mission accomplished! Though, it was at a loss. No matter how many bigots you shoot down with words, fifteen more would pop up to replace them. The ignorance, intolerance, hypocrisy, and hate flying across that page was as exhausting as it was unceasing! Even through the haze of irrelevant biblical quotes and vows of chicken face stuffing: I noticed something odd… My comments, as well as those of the LGBT supporters were disappearing!

Now, I could understand to some extent if only the comments containing profanity or inappropriate language were being deleted. Hell, I wouldn’t even blink if they did away with the threats and sarcastic sexual commentary had vanished. Yet, that was not the case. The Social Media Team for Chick-Fil-A was deleting almost every single comment by the opposition, regardless of content. Meanwhile, the incredibly vile  Chick-Fil-A supporter’s posts remained untouched.  Now, that’s just going against the rules, folks! In fact, removing negative feedback from your page, while only leaving positive remarks is a deadly sin. Not only are you presenting a dishonest image to the public, but you’re drawing even more attention to the criticism by doing away with it.

Why? Because, people notice!

Yeah, that’s right! You’re further ruining the image of your brand by cleaning up your page.

I mean, what’s happening over there? Are monkeys running this bitch? Gah!


Oh, and repeatedly lying to your customers/ex-customers like they’re idiots isn’t kosher, either:

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