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Below is a link to a paper I wrote for my Sociology class. Also, one of the many reasons why I’ve been absent (as I’ve mentioned a thousand times or more). I truly apologize for being a neglectful blogger. College is just a bit much this semester, and I need to ensure that I keep on top of things to retain my GPA. In interesting news, I’ve been invited to join the honor’s society, again! I’m not sure if I’m totally interested considering my course load, but it does seem tempting in terms of fluff to put on my resume. Thoughts? I’ll be as active as I can, and when I do a project relating to my political beliefs then I will definitely share it here!

The paper is on schools providing students with contraceptives, and I have to argue against myself. At least it’s a good way to flex my cognitively complex muscles! I hope you are all well! Find me on Facebook if you miss me! ūüėÄ

My Paper.

(Totally a rough draft)

Also, this blog is amazing, and it should keep you entertained while I’m gone!¬†


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  • I really need to stop wasting my time arguing with people who are more interested in being right than educated. This is a style of thinking that I’ve never understood, and as an individual with a great thirst for knowledge: I would much rather be wrong than ignorant. I don’t know. Perhaps I should stop fighting the nature of willful stupidity.
  • ^ In the nature of not being passive aggressive, this does have a little to do with recent events that some may have followed elsewhere. With that said, it is more the realization than the event which I choose to acknowledge here. I feel the need to put myself in battles that people really have no desire of winning, and I’ve come to see that I’m wasting my energy.
  • What can I say? Some people really have no desire to broaden their horizons. I suppose that’s their loss, and I should feel fine with that ( it still bothers me though). If you want to live in your little box of stupidity, that’s fine. But at least know that the cake is a lie before you climb in and close the flaps.
  • I don’t really see the point in beating a dehydrated horse. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to covey there, I don’t like you anymore.
  • There should really be a vodka fairy for adults. I think this public service should be especially available during finals,¬†pap-smears, and during bad sex. Really, any unpleasant experience involving a vagina.

I’m done. Share with me now?

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So, I’m thinking about doing something kinda controversial. Ha, when do I not do anything controversial? XD I have an idea rolling around in my head about doing something with a seven deadly sins pun for my website. Not in mockery of religion, but in favor of tolerance and education. Like, The Seven Deadly Forms of Ignorance. The intent is to have seven other people write on topics that are not usually understood by the general public, or are the focus of hate groups and prejudice. I’m really starting to the dig the¬†possibility¬†of doing this. The only obstacle is coming up with seven different subjects that I know you guys feel deserve an educational outlet, and finding seven people with not only personal¬†experience; but, who are¬† willing to do a three paragraph minimum article.

This project will be a lot of work, but I feel it would be worth it considering the potential behind it. I may need your help, Dear Audience. I need to know what topics or lifestyle choices you feel deserve some attention finally! I may also need your assistance in finding semi-literate individuals who may have an interest in writing for me.

So, what do you think? Like this post if you’re genuinely interested in this project and are willing to share whatever resources you have to make it happen. I’m going to open up a discussion status on Facebook in order to brainstorm topics. So, be sure you’re a fan in order to¬†participate!

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