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Hello, Loves!

I’ve been a little absent lately due to family and personal matters. My mother went back to her oncologist after having a CT Scan of her chest and we received amazing news! She’s been responding well to treatment, and with chemo the lesions in her lungs have shrunk to nearly a forth of their original size. For the holidays, that is the greatest gift.

She’s in good spirits, and we are all continuing on with life as usual. It has been incredibly difficult for everyone: emotionally, financially, and mentally. Yet, everything seems to be taking a turn for the positive.

Now, on to political news.

Am I the only one who nearly shat a brick when they turned on Msnbc to see that Romney was far ahead of Obama for an hour or two? If you follow Speak Out’s FB Page, then you know that I was at work all night during the election. My boss and I were nervous wrecks until they announced California, and finally Ohio. I honestly could not even begin to imagine an America with Mitt Romney as our leader. I literally nearly vomited, and the nausea didn’t cease until it finally sunk in that Obama had truly won. Beyond that, every single time I heard someone say “Karl Rove” I heard this. Thanks for that, MacFarlane.

On a more charitable note, I saw in my FB news feed today that Target is donating to St. Jude with every purchase of their Holiday Bullseye puppy plush. While I’m still a little in the dark on their stance regarding the LGBT community, I still feel that it is a worthwhile gift considering the circumstances. Give the munchkin in your life a cute little plushy for Christmas, and it will help save the life of another child. It seems like a win-win.

I hope everyone is well and in good spirits.

Four more years, baby!!! 😀


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First Presidential Debate


Vice Presidential Debate


Second Presidential Debate


All are full length videos! 🙂

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So, does anyone intend to catch the Vice Presidential Debate tomorrow? Unfortunately, I may be working well into the night and miss it. When I get home, I have to get my FAFSA paperwork in order to turn in early. So, I’m quite displeased. I imagine it may go much like the previous one? Is everyone registered? TELL ME THINGS! Lol. XD

Here’s the schedule, in case you don’t have it.

PS: I fully intend to touch on the shooting of Malala Yousafzai; but, I need time to collect my thoughts. This is something that has deeply saddened me, and I do not want to make a statement that I do not feel is worthy of such a remarkable young woman.

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