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I’m really tired of hearing people say “I don’t understand why everyone is so mad at Paula Deen. I mean, she admitted to saying the ‘N-Word’ once. We all make mistakes.” Umm, firstly, stab yourself in the throat. Secondly, it’s not that she’s used racial slurs in the past. Coming up in the South, a lot of people are taught that that sort of thing is acceptable. The point is, we grow beyond that and educate ourselves. The issue isn’t THAT she said it once (although I doubt that) the issue IS that she doesn’t understand why it’s wrong. She even went so far as to suggest that black men dressed in a state of servitude was somehow romantic. She also said she wasn’t offended by her husband’s racist ‘jokes.’ Seriously? I really wonder if people are genuinely this fucking dense.


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I feel the need to state that the most disappointing part of my night is not being able to Google “Oral Sex” without  Michael Douglas’ face staring at me disapprovingly.

Thank you, sir.

You’ve ruined my life.

He isn’t even ashamed of himself… I can tell by the pixels.

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So, I thought that perhaps I should address this whole Brad Paisley controversy concerning his new song about racism. This is going to be short and sweet. Why? Because I don’t feel that there’s much to say about it.

I don’t think the issue is that Brad Paisley is a racist. Rather, I think the problem is he’s oblivious. The last person in the world society wants to be lectured by about the hardships of discrimination is a white man. Okay? Secondly, I just don’t feel that a campy song is the appropriate place to begin a dialogue for a subject matter that’s incredibly sensitive and still quite raw for many people.

I understand that racism does exists for people of European decent. However, it’s nothing compared to what men and women of color experience almost on a daily basis. I think that the message may have come from a good place, and his heart was certainly genuine.

But, I’m pretty sure his head was up his ass.

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Below is a link to a paper I wrote for my Sociology class. Also, one of the many reasons why I’ve been absent (as I’ve mentioned a thousand times or more). I truly apologize for being a neglectful blogger. College is just a bit much this semester, and I need to ensure that I keep on top of things to retain my GPA. In interesting news, I’ve been invited to join the honor’s society, again! I’m not sure if I’m totally interested considering my course load, but it does seem tempting in terms of fluff to put on my resume. Thoughts? I’ll be as active as I can, and when I do a project relating to my political beliefs then I will definitely share it here!

The paper is on schools providing students with contraceptives, and I have to argue against myself. At least it’s a good way to flex my cognitively complex muscles! I hope you are all well! Find me on Facebook if you miss me! 😀

My Paper.

(Totally a rough draft)

Also, this blog is amazing, and it should keep you entertained while I’m gone! 

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This is actually a photo I took from one of my hikes.

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” – John Muir



I’ve grown incredibly fond of John Muir and his teachings over the last year. I suppose the attraction is that he understands the human need to be one with nature. It’s so fascinating. We built civilization, but there is still something primal within us that craves the wilderness. I think I’m in desperate need of a little spiritual cleansing myself. I’ve been away from my mountainous ‘church’ for far too long.

How about you?

Where do you feel baptized/cleansed/refreshed?

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  • I really need to stop wasting my time arguing with people who are more interested in being right than educated. This is a style of thinking that I’ve never understood, and as an individual with a great thirst for knowledge: I would much rather be wrong than ignorant. I don’t know. Perhaps I should stop fighting the nature of willful stupidity.
  • ^ In the nature of not being passive aggressive, this does have a little to do with recent events that some may have followed elsewhere. With that said, it is more the realization than the event which I choose to acknowledge here. I feel the need to put myself in battles that people really have no desire of winning, and I’ve come to see that I’m wasting my energy.
  • What can I say? Some people really have no desire to broaden their horizons. I suppose that’s their loss, and I should feel fine with that ( it still bothers me though). If you want to live in your little box of stupidity, that’s fine. But at least know that the cake is a lie before you climb in and close the flaps.
  • I don’t really see the point in beating a dehydrated horse. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to covey there, I don’t like you anymore.
  • There should really be a vodka fairy for adults. I think this public service should be especially available during finals, pap-smears, and during bad sex. Really, any unpleasant experience involving a vagina.

I’m done. Share with me now?

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I like to think that one of the things that makes Speak Out different from other blogs is that it not only has a voice, but a face. In the past, I’ve had the opposition truly believe they’d discovered some destructive secret when they found my birth name and Facebook account. When, in all actuality, I opted to  link my personal profile to Speak Out’s Facebook page. The decision to connect my personal life with my work was absolutely intentional. Facebook did not bury my profile information deep within Speak Out’s layout as a way to entice my livid adversaries. Who I am is currently, and always has been on full display for anyone who cared enough to open their eyes.

I truly respect anyone who dare speak out against what they perceive as an injustice. However, I feel that sometimes that message loses its luster when it is screamed from behind a mask of anonymity. What I feel a mask represents is fear, and how can one expect their audience to rise up in outrage and action when their whistle blower is too afraid to show their face? To me, that’s akin to an individual urging their followers to leap from an aircraft with no safety measures. Meanwhile, that individual is completely unafraid while wearing a parachute. It really doesn’t seem balanced to me, and that’s why I’ve made the decisions that I have.

There are a lot of risks involved with not wearing a mask. I think it’s common sense to imagine what they are. So, we’ll not list them here for the sake of wrapping this up on point.

What I am trying to convey here is a need for more women and men to come forward with their thoughts and opinions. Do not obscure who you are. If you believe what you say, what is there to fear from others? I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may be looked over for a career position simply for this website. However, I have also come to realize that if my potential employer is afraid to hire an outspoken feminist, then is that really the agency I should be working for?  Yes, not writing here would certainly help me get my foot through the door. Yet, how long would any of us be able to survive in a work environment that encourages snuffing out individual voices?

Your voice, mind, values, and emotions are all beautiful parts of you.

So is your face.

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