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Some of you who’ve been following Speak Out for the last month will remember “The Toledo Hoes Saga.” For those of you who do not: I took on a Facebook page posting inappropriate photos of women against their will. This was all done under the guise of exposing prostitutes of Toledo, Ohio. In all actuality, the majority of the photographs featured on the page were those of women who were being victimized by jaded ex-lovers. For three solid days I fought against members and staff alike in an effort to bring justice to these women.

Your occupation is none of my concern. No one deserves to be ridiculed, verbally abused, or demeaned. There was one woman who literally begged the owner to take down her photo. She was not a prostitute, and DSS had come into possession of an intimate photo meant for her former significant other via the page’s antics. As a result, her children had been taken from her prompting further investigation. The owners of the page denied this poor woman’s pleads. Their only answer was to call her a “stupid hoe” and bring her further into the spotlight.

I was so disgusted from every view of the spectrum. What a woman does in terms of sexuality in not the business of anyone but herself, and her partner. Furthermore, while prostitution is not my chosen path, I refuse to sit idly by as others judge/belittle someone from a position where they cannot possibly understand their situation.

In the end, I was banned from the page for exposing one of the Mods (pretending to just be a member) for the criminal she was. Of course, she continued to reply to me as though she were clueless to my absence to cast the illusion that she had not deleted my comments and banned me. Yet, it became increasingly obvious as time went on that she was deeply involved with the creation and management of the page. This woman even went as far as to report me for not only spam, but ironically: harassment! There have been few times that I’ve been so aghast in my life.

From there, I tried several times to create fake accounts in order to continue in my mission. Unfortunately, each time I said something in opposition I was deleted and reported immediately. Ultimately, I had to resort to sending personal messages to those who appeared to be a disturbed as I was with all the information I had. It was then my objective to educate others so that they might provide enlightened commentary on the page. I assumed that they too would be banned eventually, but if I continued on with the same formula then there would always be a new person there speaking the truth. It was my aim to make the operation of the page as difficult as possible for the owners and staff.

It was during this time that I came across someone who replied to my PM stating that they were in the process of bringing the page down. I offered my assistance, and within an hour I saw that Exposing Toledo Hoes was indeed no more. It was at this time I contacted him/her once again, and asked how it was done. He/She informed me of the details, and I requested an interview for you, my silent audience. I felt that being the only website covering this issue that it was my responsibility to bring you all of the details of this event. It took a while to get things in order, understandably. However, eventually I was granted an interview under the stipulation that I do not reveal person’s identity. I agreed, and I fully intend to honor his or her wishes.

With all of that said, the interview is below. I inquired of him/her what I felt any of you would ask if given the opportunity. If I haven’t satisfied your curiosity on some matter, please let me know. I can’t promise that this person will answer any more questions; but, I can certainly forward your inquiries to him or her.


Q: What initially brought your attention to the Exposing Toledo Hoes Facebook page? 

A: Well, I saw it in my news feed and thought I’d come check it out. I saw a girl that I went to high school with pleading that she wasn’t a whore, and her ex was out for revenge.

Q: What did you see there that caused you to act? 

A: A bit of the last answer, the fact they kept bragging their sources where legit. I just didn’t like the way they acted towards those who denied that they were “whores” or “hookers.”

Q: Some people may consider you a troll for your actions. How would you respond to that? 

A: I came from the gaming community and I am an AOL veteran where the days of “{S /con/con” were considered hacking. I was very active on Mirc when the “script kiddies” were popular. My actions here were merely not the actions of a “troll,” but someone out to seek revenge for an old friend.

Q: What was the eventual downfall of the Creator and Moderators?

A: Simple, The admin slipped and included his/her location in one of the picture uploads. I started going through the likes and was able to match the locations. Through using the IE Code Source I was able to match the ‘admin Facebook code’ that links the page to the owner. Also, one of the “mods” was in fact called out by Miss Tina (Speak Out Though Not Spoken To), the admin was in fact Facebook friends with her.

Once I had all this info, I looked for one of the people protecting the actions of the admins/owner of the site. I realized then that they were friends with the owner. So, I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Note: Some details of this screenshot were blurred in an effort to show this woman more respect to privacy than she ever showed her victims.

I told them to delete the site, or I would actually spend the five dollars to post that on

Within minutes the page was deleted.

Q: Are you considering taking on another page? If so, is it of the same genre?

A: Honestly I tend to stay out of petty things like this; but, I had to once I realized how damaging this was for these girls that were not actually “hookers” or “whores.” The fact that potential employers could Google and pull that up, I decided it was time to act. Those girls’ futures, families, and friends were all in jeopardy. Enough is enough.

If I had to do this again, I would. So yeah, I would consider tackling another page.

Small Disclaimer: I already know that this article will receive a lot of backlash from the Toledo Hoes supporters, or those who feel that the actions taken could only be defined as bullying. Yes, perhaps that is the case. However, I want everyone who comments to realize that this was only a last resort after all reasonable measures were taken. The owners were unwilling to listen or sympathize. Facebook had been notified by numerous users reporting the page, and the women featured claimed that their intellectual property had been stolen. Yet, these matters take quite a while to be resolved by Facebook staff as they have to be sure to cover their own asses in the process. The fact of the matter is that these women and girls did not have the luxury of waiting months for some, if any resolution. In the end, I stand firmly that the ends justify the means in this situation. If you do not, I respect your opinion. However, I will not be swayed.


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Exposing Toledo Hoes’ creator took down the page mere minutes ago after being cornered by a member of the opposition. I am currently trying to gather resources in order to bring you the entire story on the demise of this filth! The member may or may not agree to an interview or offer information for an article beyond the basics we’ve shared while keeping in contact. I will respect his or her decision on this matter, as I am only vaguely aware of the circumstances surrounding the ordeal. While I would absolutely love to bring you the exclusive story; I realize the most important thing here is that innocent women will no longer be violated by these people!

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If anyone else has any ideas for an easily shared graphic, I’ll make it.

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So, there was this girl named Natasha Sagman claiming to be a paralegal with two degrees, and was actively mocking/slut shaming the women on Exposing Toledo Hoes. Soo, guess who found her mugshot? 😀

Complete List Of Charges HERE

Conversation HERE

UPDATE: My comments were deleted and I was banned for finding her out. :/

It seems these women cannot swallow what they dish out.

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So, I’ve gotten a lot of search engine traffic on my Toledo Hoes Exposed article I posted yesterday. By which I mean, a ridiculous amount of traffic that all specifically comes from Google searching some variation of the Facebook page. I can only wager to guess that the majority of these people have happened upon my site by mistake due an intense desire to gawk at half naked women being raped visually against their will by the public. Since I’m plugging this article with as many relevant tags as possible, I imagine that it will have much of the same result. ; ) As such, I have a few things to say to you “people.”

Let’s cut through the fat and get down to the basics, shall we? Firstly, while I am ignorant to the legality of the issue, I am completely certain that the actions of the Toledo Hoes page are morally reprehensible. The women featured did not pose intentionally for the group, nor did they sign a waver, or give special permission for their image to be shared on the internet. These young and older ladies, are undoubtedly being violated in a way that is disgusting beyond the realm of a joke. Furthermore, I spotted a few postings in which these “hoes” hardly looked of age. So, good luck with that when you have to present paperwork proving the images you’re sharing with the public are not that of underage girls. Child Pornography is taken very seriously, and distribution is far worse than possession. :]

Now, to those who choose to comment on these innocent women insulting their bodies, weight, and morality. What a woman does with a camera and lingerie is none of your business, kay? Beyond that, who are you to judge the virtue of a girl you’ve never met? Sexuality is not sinful, you just make it so with your prudish ideals. Although, I’ve seen the pages of some of you, and you’re fairly risque yourselves. So, what did you say again, Pot? The majority of you are childish, illiterate, uneducated heathens. You think you’re so high and mighty calling another woman sexually derogatory terms; Yet, in this day and age, who hasn’t taken a naked photo, sext’d, cam’d, or made a sex video? How would you feel if you sent someone you thought you could trust a questionable photo, and it ended up on this page for the world to not only see, but criticize? This is no different. These women are not whores or prostitutes. The photographs you so happily demean are those of naive women who were either tricked, or have very poor judgement of character. You’re only soothing your own conscience by believing otherwise.

Finally, if you are one of these individuals that I’ve mentioned mistakenly coming to my website searching for this violation under the guise of being a Facebook profile, then I would strongly urge you to reconsider. It’s all shits and giggles until one day you see a post featuring your mother, sister, cousin, daughter, or niece. You live with knowing damn-well Facebook will never take that down, and how every man in the world with internet access is visually assaulting your loved one. Not to mention the hoards of catty women picking her apart, shredding her self-confidence into nothing more than a pile of spewed hate and depression.

Think twice, take a step back, and stand up with something other than your dick, boys!

Ladies, you should know better.

(You may share my article to make the public aware of this isse. However, I ask that you credit me and link back to this post. Thanks!) 

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I would like to ask that everyone report this page for the disgusting injustice it is! It claims to be “exposing hoes” as in prostitutes; however, it’s more like they’re taking private pictures meant for very specific eyes, and posting them to Facebook in the most vomit inducing manner of slut-shaming. If you’re easily enraged, like myself, I discourage you from looking further than the report button. It’s just not worth your sanity to read every single childish comment. Sickening! Just fucking sickening!

Toledo Hoe’s Exposed (Click HERE)

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