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That’s right, because good parenting is teaching your son that women are purely sexual objects that can be bought. I am a Sex Positive Feminist, so this has nothing to do with strippers or sex workers. I respect, as well as understand the plight of the women who work in the industry. So, it’s not the career choice that bothers me, it’s the chauvinistic ideal set hammered into men and young boys that sex workers are not people. It’s not my intention to judge or damn a woman who performs sexual acts for money. It is, however, my mission to ensure that everyone is treated with the basic human decency they deserve. When you take the empathy for humanity out of a person based on anything, you’re teaching your children a very, very, very dangerous mind set. I mean, you can throw a plastic toy against the wall. Why? Because it’s plastic, and it doesn’t have feelings. You can slice a hooker from nape to navel. Why? Because she’s just a hooker, and she isn’t human. Do you see how this could go badly?


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So, they were all:

At first, I was all like:

But, then I was all like:

Note: Christian Girl Problems is a satire.


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You know, my significant other works as a Social Media Community Manager for some rather large brands. With that said, he also works from home. It’s impossible for me not to be exposed to the ins and outs of the business when his office is right down the hall. So, when it comes to the all too holy best practices, I’m begrudgingly well-informed.  After all, it’s difficult to filter out the constant term “metrics” over dinner, night after night. As such, one can only imagine the horror I was faced with upon visiting the Chick-Fil-A Facebook page.

I make no qualms about it. I went over there a few days ago with my war paint on. I fully intended to stand with the opposition, and raise hell!  Well, mission accomplished! Though, it was at a loss. No matter how many bigots you shoot down with words, fifteen more would pop up to replace them. The ignorance, intolerance, hypocrisy, and hate flying across that page was as exhausting as it was unceasing! Even through the haze of irrelevant biblical quotes and vows of chicken face stuffing: I noticed something odd… My comments, as well as those of the LGBT supporters were disappearing!

Now, I could understand to some extent if only the comments containing profanity or inappropriate language were being deleted. Hell, I wouldn’t even blink if they did away with the threats and sarcastic sexual commentary had vanished. Yet, that was not the case. The Social Media Team for Chick-Fil-A was deleting almost every single comment by the opposition, regardless of content. Meanwhile, the incredibly vile  Chick-Fil-A supporter’s posts remained untouched.  Now, that’s just going against the rules, folks! In fact, removing negative feedback from your page, while only leaving positive remarks is a deadly sin. Not only are you presenting a dishonest image to the public, but you’re drawing even more attention to the criticism by doing away with it.

Why? Because, people notice!

Yeah, that’s right! You’re further ruining the image of your brand by cleaning up your page.

I mean, what’s happening over there? Are monkeys running this bitch? Gah!


Oh, and repeatedly lying to your customers/ex-customers like they’re idiots isn’t kosher, either:

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I went on Chick-Fil-A’s Facebook Page just to scroll through the comments and laugh a bit. Why I thought I could see all of that insanity and not comment is beyond me. >.> So, I come across a single word comment which read “Biggot.” Nothing new, right? Some people don’t have the time to put forth an argument, but they want their feelings to be known. Beneath that comment was a response which said: “I wish you would have aborted that ugly baby as a fetus. But, a fetus isn’t a baby, so you shouldn’t care.”

Now, I am pro-choice. I believe that life does begin at conception, but at which point a fetus looks like a shrimp, it is not a human being. My personal opinion is that a fetus is truly a baby when it has cognitive abilities, and honestly, it’s at the stage of pregnancy where it’s pretty damn close to an infant. I believe that women have the right to choose, but I would not have an abortion myself as a personal choice.

I know the whole scenario, “What if you were raped?” or “What if your life depended on it?” Well, I have been raped. I thank whatever powers that may be that I did not become pregnant, but I think I would carry the fetus to term and then turn it over for a closed adoption. Yet, only if I had met the potential parents and felt they were decent human beings. Furthermore, my aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer during her first and only pregnancy at 45 years of age. She had the option to terminate, but she put that little girl’s life above her own. Sadly, Destiny LogAnn Crittendon was stillborn. More so, my aunt passed two years later from cancer. I don’t think I would have done anything differently. I think of parenting as giving up your own interests, and instead looking toward the best situation for your child. I would have fought, and maybe I would have died too. Perhaps, it would have all been in vain, and I would have given birth to a deceased baby. However, I would not have put myself above my child, ever. I don’t condemn those who have, I understand your side as well. I have friends who’ve had abortions for various reasons, and I see what they went through.

So, my problem is not with abortion. My problem is wishing death upon an already existing infant. I do not care if he or she was a fetus at some point. You, I, everyone who exists was at one point a fetus. That does not mean that you can go up to another individual and scream “I wish you were aborted! You’re ugly, too!” That is simply unacceptable behavior, and only a monster would make a remark celebrating the potential non-existence of a child.

I cried. 

I don’t know what got to me. Perhaps it’s exhaustion from arguing all day with little to no food or positive human interaction. Or, maybe I thought of my aunt and her baby. How hard she fought, giving up early treatment and continuing to do so for seven months so she could try to save her daughter. I remember her telling me how precious life was, and that I should never take that for granted. Then, just to have someone disrespect life and all it’s glorious potential over chicken. *Laughs Sarcastically* My mom is fighting for her life right now. She has stage four lung cancer that’s spread to her brain. My mom is the only family I have left…. everyone else is dead. So, yeah. I am hurt that anyone despite political position would be so unappreciative of that promise of life . I don’t want this bigot to know what I’m going through, to have to watch your entire family die within a year. He has no idea just what people will do when they lose that promise.

I have no other words, a screen shot of the conversation is below. He removed the comment after he saw some people were not jiving with that sort of sick thinking. I hope someone was touched by this. I know it really broke my heart.

(FYI: I am Tina.) 

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Chick-fil-A? Ahaha, *Shakes Head*. Chick-fil-A. Wow, where does one start in on this shit storm? I think what disturbs me most are the people who seem to be flocking to to corporation’s official Facebook page to congratulate them on their “Family Values.”  Really? So, evidently your idea of “Family Values” is teaching your children to hate those of differing sexual orientations, defend intolerance, belittle other religions, and lie to the public on the grandest scale fathomable when you’re in a tough spot?  That’s your idea of molding: productive, accountable, intelligent, and morally righteous brood of successful individuals? Yeah, that sounds legit. Really, let me know how that’s working out for you when your kids are holding up rainbow signs and screaming “fag” at a dead soldier’s family. Kay?

Moving on.

There is another disturbing trend I’ve noticed on the Chick-fil-A Facebook page. Some LGBT supporters are calling the religious zealots who visit the corporation’s social media outlets “Nazis.”  Look, I understand you’re positively pissed off. I’m more than a little  livid myself. However, I just do not feel it’s respectful to the victims of the Holocaust, nor accurate to declare these ‘people’ Nazis. Yes, they are showing up in grand numbers as though the page is some pilgrimage of intolerance, bigotry, and hypocrisy. Yet, they’re not acting out some homosexual genocide. Granted, I honestly would not put it past them if the laws were in their favor. Friends, their views are backwards at best. They’re incredibly blind individuals who feel it’s okay to hate and hold back an entire group of people based on their sexuality. It’s not right, and it’s not fair. Though, using the word “Nazi” is not exactly right, either. We’re better than that. So, rise above the hate and anger. Make this a teachable moment for your children, non-gay friends, and family who may be from a generation that celebrated this sort of behavior.

This can be the start of a revolution. It only takes one person to say: “This is enough.”


Also, For Everyone Who Has Asked “What Dishonesty?” 

I selected this post to be featured on my blog’s page at LGBT Blogs.

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