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Tina Says:

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These two lines really spoke to me in volumes: “I’ve realized how prevalent cancer is in our society. It’s part of the human experience and it doesn’t have to be negative.” and “I tried one-pieces and two-pieces and looked at swimwear for women who’d had double mastectomies but they were all swimsuits with prostheses,” she says. “I’m never going to fake it. I’m not ashamed of my body.”

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My Thoughts:

THIS this is what we should be teaching our teenage girls when it comes to self-esteem. Not that if we have a body issue we can just ‘fix’ it with something fake, or hide it with a bit of tinted whale blubber. We should show our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and sisters that our bodies are beautiful and perfect the way they are. We cannot continuously alter the appearance as dictated by insecurities. Women as a whole must rise up and lead the example by accepting ourselves. Then and only then can we wear fake eyelashes, makeup, and extensions without a sense of fakeness; but, with a confidence and beauty in our right to paint/decorate ourselves, not ‘fix/reconstruct’.

You’re already more than good enough.

You’re already more than your body.

You’re already precious, and beautiful, and brilliant as you are.

Never forget this, ladies.

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Happy Uterus!! – HanakoHeals

I wager to guess it’s so happy because politicians are keeping their filthy mitts off it. 😉

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Sorry I haven’t been incredibly active since my birthday, guys. I’ve been really busy helping with my mother’s care and my own medical conditions. I’ll get back to a more predictable schedule as soon as possible. 🙂

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